Hi, my name is Rachel Levy. My greatest excitements in life are: Nature, cultures and people of different origins. If to combine all my excitements together, that would be a great production of colourful trips and unforgettable journeys in Africa.

I live and breathe the African continent day by day, I would define it as my oxygen in life!

I love to plan safaris, cultural tours, nature trips, mountain treks and more…

Each and every trip, again and again, I get enthusiastic of joining my travellers and make them meet the exotic animals in the African reserves, the colorful African culture and the local people.

On each of my visits to Africa, I’m always excited to meet the local people, experience their culture, enjoy the fascinating views and introduce them to my travellers. 

I plan my trips in 4 East African Destinations which I have  personaly explored and researched : Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

I speak Swahili language, the most popular East African Language. Throughout my life in Africa, getting to know the locals, it was quite easy for me to learn the Swahili language : talking to the local people, visiting their homes, learning about their culture and making great friendships with them. I still maintain my warm hearted contacts and my special relationships with the African dear people in each of the destinations I visit in East Africa.

My overarching goal is to enable you to experience the most enjoyable journey in Africa, love every single moment of it and see this wonderful experience as if you see it through my eyes….

How did it all start?
How did I fall in love with Africa?

It all started back in the 90s when my family and I had the opportunity to be sent to Kenya in order to help in a local hospital.

Since my husband was an eye doctor, we were sponsered by the Israeli Foreign Ministry to conduct the mission of establishing a new Eye Hospital in Nakuru Kenya.

While living in Kenya for 3 years, I was lucky to meet the wonderful local people, learn their language, experience their culture  and become part of their ives. This great experience, still accompanies my life day by day and gives me the courage and knowledge of planning my travellers’ safaris in Africa.

My wish is to make you love Africa the way I love it!!!!

Nowadays, I plan safari trips, nature trips, cultural tours, mountain treks and elaxing unforgettablle vacations in the amazing islands of East Africa.

I plan and organaize all those African trips in 4 destinations: TANZANIA, KENYA, UGANDA AND  RWANDA. I must admit that I do it with lots of love!!!

My services include customized tours tailor made: 

  • *Booking flights & hotels
  • *Combining packages of all types:
    Flights, hotels, safari itineraries, beach vacations, attractive activities and many more…
  • *Guided tours in English, French, Spanish and German.
  • *Providing all types of food requirements:
    Vegetarian, vegan, normal and kosher food.
  • *Transportation from the airport and back at the end of your trip
  • *Hiring trekking equipement
  • *WIFI internet services


*Personal deep knowledge with the African Culture

Personal deep knowledge with all the destinations I work with

*My love for people of different origins and fulfilling their dream trips

*Warm hearted connections with the local tour industry

*Professional tour guides / guiding in various languages

*Planning your tailormade trips according to your budget 

*Flexible in changing itineraries until it fits your wish

*Available 24/7 at your service

*All your itineraries are perfectly planned to the smallest details

So what else is left out?

Enjoying your journey to Africa😊

I’m here at your service, ready to plan your perfect and 

Unforgettable trip to Africa😊

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