FUKENI Delegation, July 2021

The FUKENI delegation went to FUKENI school in Kilimanjaro region of northern Tanzania. 420 students, from the first to eighth grade, attend FUKENI school, and it needed help restoring its existing edifice. So, two weeks’ volunteering were planned for the renovation. A few months before we left, I traveled to Tanzania for a prep-meeting with the headmistress, her deputy, and educational staff. The meeting involved details of the delegation’s activities, focusing on content and substance. It was inspiring. 🥰

The kids were inquisitive about me and peeped from every possible opening… 😁

What needed to be done?

The school needed a lot of help. The children studied in appalling conditions: classrooms with broken floors, dirty walls, rusty doors, broken windows and collapsing ceilings. We all had a common goal: to help, upgrade and improve the school’s appearance, to revolutionize the lives of children and teachers, who spend most of their days there. As part of the project, we painted the walls, repaired whatever needed fixing, created new seating areas, study and play areas on school grounds and most importantly – put a smile on the children’s faces and the entire school staff. Apart from all these, and perhaps most important of all – we interacted with the children at school: we guided them on various topics: computers, geography and countries, played board games and thought enhancing games, did craftworks and also danced, sang and cuddled with them – bringing them the simple message of love. On July 5, 2021, we set out for 2 weeks of volunteering and then continued on an unforgettable safari.