KIDIA Delegation, December 2021

The delegation leaves to KIDIA high school in the Kilimanjaro region of northern Tanzania. During its heyday, more than 300 students attended KIDIA School, but due to deteriorated physical conditions, most students moved to another, very remote school, forcing them to walk more than 9 km from the village every morning.

Currently, only 70 students still attend KIDIA high school, some of whom come daily, and some live in boarding school conditions. Our main goal is restoring the school back to its glory days, creating a supportive atmosphere and a protective environment, thus bringing the dropout students back to Kidia and even ensuring the return of future high school students.

There’s a lot of work to be done. It’s going to be exciting and challenging. 🥰

The principal and teachers are already waiting for us to come😁

What is there to do?

We will improve the school’s physical appearance and simultaneously provide value-added content that students do not often receive as part of their regular curriculum. We will renovate, create a new environment for studying, reading and playing. We will build various elements inside the classrooms and in the schoolyard – such as benches and swings and, most importantly, improve the students’ living conditions. In addition to enhancing learning and living conditions, we shall hold enrichment workshops on various topics to strengthen the bond between students and volunteers and create learning and enjoyment experiences. We strongly believe that giving and helping others is the most important thing, so we wish to give and receive love from the beautiful children of Tanzania… We hope to be blessed and successful in our endeavors!!! 🇱❤🇹🇿