Kenya Safari Tours

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking views, lone acacia trees scattered in the horizon, green savannahs, indigenous wildlife, wandering tribes and local music representing a long-standing tradition – Welcome to Kenya!

Kenya, home to the great predators of Africa and endangered species, is the perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts. This is your chance to see giraffes, lions, leopards, rhinos, pink flamingos and other wildlife in their natural environment. Kenya, a wildlife haven! 

Our tours showcase the best of Kenya from a unique wildlife enthusiast point of view. 

Main Attractions: 

  • Tsavo National Park- one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya which boasts a unique attraction; rare maneless lions 
  • Safari in the Samburu Reserve- meet one of Kenya’s most colourful and unique tribes and take part in their traditional ceremonies.
  • Lake Bogoria-The best place to see geysers in Africa.
  • Add a cruise to your itinerary!  Take a cruise down the gorgeous Lake Victoria and dock on one of the inhabited islands. 

Travelers touring Kenya: 

Our Kenya trips are tailored-made for various travelers: individuals, families, groups, young adults, honeymooners, bar/bat-mitzvah tours and kosher travelers. Just about anyone who wants to see first-hand this extraordinary gateway to authentic wildlife.

What does the Kenya trip include?

·       Recommended duration: 7-8 days.

·   Accommodation: Overnight accommodation in Nairobi at a hotel. Accommodation in a game reserve will be in a lodge of your choice, in accordance to your budget.  

·       Professional English-speaking Safari tour guides accompany your trip throughout the tour. 

Main routes

Enjoy a variety of unique tours, excursions and activities across Kenya:

·       The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya and the Giraffe Center –unique sanctuaries for elephants and giraffes who have been victims of poaching. This safe environment is a haven for the endangered animals and includes feeding areas, hiking trails where you are bound to spot various species of birds, antelopes, monkeys and squirrels.

·       Lake Naivasha – the visit includes a hike by the beautiful freshwater lake, a lake cruise and an opportunity to see zebras, giraffes and hippos.

·       Nakuru Reserve- this reserve is considered ideal for bird watching and hiking. It is home to millions of flamingos that colour the lake in a fuchsia-pink hue during the rainy season. Definitely a sight to behold! View also hippos, rhinos, antelopes, lions and tigers throughout the reserve.

·       Safari in the Samburu Reserve, home to one of Kenya’s most colourful and unique tribes with their striking traditional jewellery. Take part in the local customs and ceremonies.

·       Lake Bogoria, a World Heritage Site. Here you will find no less than 18 geysers and an abundance of hot springs.

·       National Park Kisumo- Visit the Kibuya Market, the Kisumo Museum and the Bird Reservation at Hippo Point.  Enjoy a magical boat ride down Victoria Lake, home to the Nile perch fish.

·       Tsavo Reserve –The largest and most unique game reserve in Kenya. The park is divided into east and west sections. The slightly larger Tsavo East is generally flat, with dry plains and savanna. Tsavo West National Park is more mountainous and wetter; here you may find rare maneless lions, hippos and alligators, which can be easily seen through the clear spring water.

·    Masai Mara National Reserve- Home to the famous “Masai” tribe near the Tanzanian border. Experience an exhilarating hot air balloon ride over the reserve. 

·  Amboseli National Park

The park is famous for viewing up-close free-ranging elephant herds, lions, tigers and buffalo. Visit the of the Masai tribe and view the famous peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Why choose “Travel With Rachel” for your tours in Tanzania?

  • In a country seamlessly filled with endless adventure, I invite you to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience with affordable tours tailor-made just for you! Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements.
  • Together, we will create an itinerary that meets your goals and expectations which will include comfortable accommodations, superb local safari tour guides and great cuisine. 
  • I work with a vast local network who will ensure you experience incredible and unforgettable encounters with locals and wildlife. 
  • Your trip and lodging will be accommodated to your budget, without compromising on service and experiences. 
  • The tours are accompanied by a local professional safari tour guide who is well acquainted with the best times and locations for wildlife viewing, thus allowing you to maximize your safari experience. 
  • If you have a question or requirement before /during your trip, no worries! I am at your disposal for whatever you may need, from the planning stage to your safe return home.

Interesting facts about Kenya

  • Kenya is a land of great diversity when it comes to its wildlife and people, offering spectacular panoramas and first-class game-viewing.
  • Two large tribes rule Kenya: the Kikuyu tribe and the Luo tribe. Part of this great Kenyan mixture of culture is the Masai tribe, famous for their hunting attributes. They are located Kenya and in the neighboring country, Tanzania. 

·       The population predominantly continues to maintain a traditional tribal lifestyle where family relationships play an essential part in forming a sense of belonging to the tribe.

·       Kenya’s thriving modern capital, Nairobi, is considered one of the most important business and cultural hub in East Africa. Many major international companies and corporates have offices in this vibrant city.

·       The official languages ​​in the country are English and Swahili.

·       The local currency is Kenyan shillings.

·       Kenya’s location near the equator allows you to travel all year round. 

·       When is it best to travel? 

·       In January – February the weather is dry and temperatures are high, A beach vacation is most suitable during these months, together with an exhilarating safari trip.

·       In July – August – the country’s dry season coincides with the Great Migration of antelope and zebra. View the millions of wildlife quickly cross the banks of the Mara River, to avoid falling prey to hungry alligators. 

There are endless attractions in Kenya, the only catch is there’s never enough time to visit them all. Leave the meticulous planning to me, and I will make sure you get the most out of your Kenyan adventure.