Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Travel: 

Our trips are tailored-made for various travelers: individuals, families, groups, young adults, honeymooners and kosher travelers. Just about anyone who wants to see first-hand this extraordinary gateway to authentic wildlife in Tanzania tours.

What does the Tanzania Safari tour include?

· Recommended duration: 5-6 days.

· Choice of accommodation: Tanzania has a vast spread of accommodation options. Accommodation may range from luxurious game lodges to large, well-equipped tents in the heart of the reservation.

· Tanzania safari tours may be booked via the “Travel with Rachel” company or via

local professional guides, who accompany the tour throughout the duration of your trip.

Main routes

· Visit Tanzania’s unique reserves and encounter wildlife like never before.

· Visit the 8th Wonder of the World, Ngorongoro Crater Reserve, created by the eruption of an ancient volcano.

· Explore the Serengeti National park, a unique ecosystem in Tanzania boasting an abundance of wildlife: lions, lionesses, cubs, tigers, leopards, elephants, zebras, rhinos and more.

· Experience our unique “Anthropological Day Trip”.

· Explore the Lake Eyasi Reserve and get a close look at the lifestyle of the remote tribes that live in the region.

· Live like an African in the Karatu Village! Experience authentic hospitality with an African family.

· Visit a bustling local market, accompanied by local guides who speak tribal languages ​​and English.

Why choose “Travel With Rachel” for your tours in Tanzania?

  • In a country seamlessly filled with endless adventure, I invite you to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience with affordable tours tailor-made just for you! Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements.
  • Together, we will create an itinerary that meets your goals and expectations which will include comfortable accommodations, superb local guides and great cuisine. 
  • I work with a vast local network who will ensure you experience incredible and unforgettable encounters with locals and wildlife. 
  • Your trip and lodging will be accommodated to your budget, without compromising on service and experiences. 
  • The tours are accompanied by a local professional guide who is well acquainted with the best times and locations for wildlife viewing, thus allowing you to maximize your safari experience. 
  • If you have a question or requirement before /during your trip, no worries! I am at your disposal for whatever you may need, from the planning stage to your safe return home.

Interesting facts about Tanzania

·       Tanzania’s terrain is 45 times larger than the State of Israel.

·       The country’s population is approximately 45 million, of which 95% belong to the Bantu ethnic group, which has 130 tribes!

·       The official languages ​​in Tanzania are Swahili and English.

·       Tanzania boasts many water resources and lakes that are mainly located in the western part of the country

·       The largest river in the country is called Rufiji, which eventually merges with the Indian Ocean.

·       Tanzania is located in proximity to the equator, and therefore the climate is pleasant throughout the year.

·       The migration of the wildlife in the nature reserves varies throughout the year. Therefore, it is important to travel with a local guide who is familiar with the different times and locations of the migration.

·       The local currency of Tanzania is called Tanzanian Shilling.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable wildlife adventure? Let’s begin your travel planning!