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טיול ספארי כשר בטנזניה

Kosher Safari Trip in Tanzania

We chose to travel with Rachel for our Kosher safari tour in Tanzania- and what a fantastic trip it was! Rachel personally took care of all the various Kosher requirements. All the lodges cooperated wonderfully with our cooking, groceries, and Shabbat restrictions. The Kosher food was so delicious; even the monkeys liked it! Overall it was an extraordinary experience in every possible way!

Thank you Tanzania, you have been very good to us and thank you Rachel, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You and your team are incredibly committed to your clients!

Tamar Yers Solomon

טיול מאורגן בספארי באפריקה- לטייל עם רייצ'ל

Thanks for the Exceptional Safari Experience

Dear Rachel!

We wanted to thank you very much for the exceptional safari experience you organized for us. No words can describe the incredible emotions that surfaced as soon as we set foot in reservations. We were truly devasted to leave this gorgeous continent! Once again thank you very much.

Fabiola Yudelevich

טיול מאורגן לאפריקה

Everything was of the highest standards

We traveled with Rachel who organized everything for us from start to finish. The hotels, the guide, literally everything was of the highest standards and below our budget. Many thanks Rachel for a memorable experience.

Ran and Uri Givon

טיול ספארי באפריקה

After Volunteering We Rewarded Ourselves with an Unforgettablen Tanzania Safari

Thank you Rachel for an epic trip! After Volunteering in Tanzania, we (a group of 5 guys) wanted to recharge and relax. Rachel crafted the perfect Tanzania safari trip for us which we thoroughly enjoyed!

 I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who is keen on having a fun, relaxed, awe-inspiring trip. She always delivers! Her professionalism together with her prompt dedication and care, go above and beyond!

Daniel Hazut

טיול לאוגנדה

It was just a perfect trip!

Hi Rachel, everything is incredible!

The hotels you selected are outstanding and Sammy is really nice

Hadas Bergman

טיול משלחת הומניטרית- לטייל עם רייצ'ל

Youth Delegation Trip

We travelled as a group of 7 young adults after volunteering in East Africa. Rachel took care of everything we needed, with personal dedication, and accompanied us throughout our trip.

We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Rachel for an epic and memorable safari trip.

Thank you very much

Daniel Hazut and Friends

טיול אוכל כשר בזנזיבר

Kosher Tour in Zanzibar

Hi Racheli! I wanted to say thank you wholeheartedly for organizing such a memorable trip! Ali went out of his way to help us with all the kosher requirements. Chef Babu is such a pro, and we thoroughly enjoyed the culinary experience! This is the first time we received such dedicated and personalized care. We loved the variety of delicious dishes we tasted at the Blue Safari! You rock Rachel! We had a marvellous and delightful vacation. 😃 It exceeded our expectations! Thank you very much!

Ariel and Daphne

טיול מאורגן באפריקה - לטייל עם רייצ'ל

We were left speachless…

Thank you for the most perfect trip we could think of.... Everything we have experienced was graded as a super high standard trip👌your great service and endless care for us🙏 You left us speechless... It was a great privillage to meet a person like you🙏 I'm sure we will meet again in the future....

Hadasa Borafker

גם באפריקה מטיילים עם רייצ'ל

Thanks for a fantastic experience!

Rachel organizes amazing personal tours tailored to suit any individual interests and requirements. Throughout the trip, she was always available and attentive to my requests. Without a doubt, she is an expert on Africa.

Sabine Tayeb Azoulay