A day trip to the Kilimanjaro Region

The Kilimanjaro region and reserve extends to more than 13,250 square kilometers. The area boasts natural flora, spectacular waterfalls, underground caves, indigenous and modern villages, hot springs, vegetation and traditional coffee and banana plantations. The highlight of the region is the Njaro national park, where hikers begin their trek to the famous Mount Kilimanjaro or the nearby Mount Meru.

Unlike the barren Serengeti Reserve, the Kilimanjaro Reserve is famous for its lush, green fertile land and cool breezes. There are various routes to climb up the Kilimanjaro. When selecting a suitable route for you, consider the route’s scenery, difficulty and length. 

Main Day Trips

  • Visit to Coffee Plant –
    Ever wondered about the long journey your coffee takes until it makes it to your cup? Witness the full process at a Tanzanian coffee plant; from harvesting the seeds to brewing the coffee into an aromatic liquid that helps us get our day started.
    Tanzania has taken coffee making to another level. Travellers can experience an amazing and intoxicating tour led by professional guides and truly understand the art of coffee making from seeding to processing while passing through the long rows of coffee trees.
  • Banana Plantation Tour –
    Banana is one of the most commonly grown crops in Tanzania. They are considered common food in Africa and are part of the main dietary, consumed in almost all households. The banana crop is widely cultivated across Tanzania. An estimated 20 varieties of bananas are grown; however, not all bananas are suitable for eating! Which banana species are edible, and which are not? A tour of a banana plantation will provide you with all the answers, in addition to understanding the various growing methods, banana species and their uses. For example, plantain bananas are used for cooking, sweet bananas are used for eating, and a unique banana species is used to produce local beer or wine.
  • Kilimanjaro National Park –
    Enjoy an extraordinary experience of hiking through lush, green landscapes.  This incredible national park has much to offer to the thrill-seeking traveller looking to observe spectacular wildlife diversity such as: the tree hyrax, the grey/ red African antelope, bushbuck antelope, African buffalo, elephants, many species of monkeys, tigers and more!·    
  • Kikuletwa Hotsprings – The hot springs is a natural warm water pool, heated by volcanic activity. The warm pools are surrounded by thriving greenery, mostly palm trees and fig trees and dive into the water. If you’re lucky, you may have an opportunity to look straight into the eyes of the blue Monkey·
  • Walking Tour in the reservation – the tour includes a hike among picturesque landscapes, green trees and colourful flowers. Additionally, your trek will be accompanied by various wildlife, as the region is a natural habitat for 140 species of mammals, antelopes, hundreds of bird species and dozens of bats. At the end of the tour, you will arrive at a the snowy-capped viewpoint on Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Trip to the local villages in the district, visit to schools and a glimpse into the authentic life of the locals.
  • Trip to Marangu and Ndoro Falls – At the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the most popular and largest waterfalls in the area. The waterfalls are surrounded by green and exotic vegetation with cool water streams cascading from the glacier at the top of the mountain. Enjoy the fresh water streams, stand under its flow or even dive into the water, all while monkeys and tropical bird species surround you.
  • The Historical Cave – At the foot of Kilimanjaro lies a historic 300-year-old underground cave that stretches for over a kilometre. In pre-colonial Africa, the cave served as a shelter during the wars. 

A day trip to the Kilimanjaro Region is an excellent way to experience Africa authentically, marvel at the beauty of nature, familiarize yourself with the tribal traditions and get a close glimpse of local way of life.

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