Trip to RWANDA


Land of a thousand hills

Rwanda is a nation that derives its history from the ancient kingdom of Rwanda that had the KAMEGERIS as their legitmate rulers or kings.
It should be noted that initially Rwanda kingdom had two clusters of people which were the Tusti (the leaders/cattle keepers & minority group).
The Hutu (the subjects/the land tillers & majority group) though at later times a new group has been recognised from the bushy mountain regions known as the BATWA ( they are short/bushmen, feared to be an exitincting race).

This setting however came to die out in the late 50s after the scramble and partition for Africa.
Later on Rwanda was declared a French protectorate after the Belgians had failed to full get established there.

This therefore became a nation full established with boundaries, bordering Uganda in the north, DR Congo in the west, Tanzania, in the East and Burundi in the south.

The beauty of Rwanda

Traveler through from its capital Kigali to the rest of the parts with cleanliness and great ambiance with advancement  of technology that has made WIFi get onto commuter buses.
The sights from the sad history of the Genocide are another to visit in appreciation of how this nation has recovered  before you head straight north west to Nyungwe & Akagera  national parks while at the glance of River Kagera and vast plains of Nyambo land in Tanzania. Back on your way the view of Lake muhazi with the sundown is refreshing before you head to  the west to enjoy the sun dask  beaches on the shores of Lake kiivu.
Breathing in fresh air of the ICHUI forests on the Congo side, Mugahinga forests on the Uganda- Rwanda border which pull you close to go mountain hiking as you interact with the different montane vegetation with the guidance of the locals who have a wide range of cultures and souvenirs to share.
Up in the mountains you get to stand in 3 nations at the same point: Uganda, Rwanda & Congo while near the crater lakes.
Down you come to the foot hills of these mountains to go Gorilla trekking. Catch a glance at these human like creatures in their original inhabitat and feel amazed at what East Africa has to offer.
All this in just peace, secure and moving on high standard art of roads.
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